Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Good food, good ambient, good service, and it's down town...don't need to waste extra time to drive to suburb to get this kinda Atmosphere, located in Jl.Lengkong, deket pojokan pertigaan yang ke arah lodaya. Like I said, tempatnya cozy banget buat makan ma temen, keluarga, pacar, mantan pacar..hehehehe....but seriously, td gw buka puasa di sini sama temen kerja gw, 10 orang, kt reserve meja di saung paling belakang yang pake plasma TV (yeah...)
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Menu dari steakm cordon blue, calamary, fish grill, name it, and for beverages they have juices, hot and cool drinks...want a shot of mai tai? they serve it, and they also have the whole line of twining's tea (almost...they dun have chamomile)...hmm..that's something u dun find in any cafe in indonesia.
The food tasted good....but I still say Kedai Nyonya Rumah rules the taste (I'll review it later on). The prices are reasonable, after all, ur not paying only for the foods here, but the atmosphere and the service....I'd say this is the 2nd to go when u can't find empty seat in Kedai Nyonya Rumah...Atmospere rocks!!!


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syl'v said...

Atmosphere bukan de ejaannya? :p

coolchuby said...

Iye...iye....ewet.. hihihihhi

Anonymous said...

is this place halal?